Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tiny Telugu and Tamil Type

Hi, all! I've recently uploaded some quick snapshots from bibles found at the Minneapolis Public Library. Both included some of the smallest Indic type I've seen so far, as well as some interesting biblical maps with hand-lettering! Here is the Telugu set, and here the Tamil set. Not sure if this is of any interest to anyone, but I thought I'd share! You also get to see my fingernails! What fun!

I've also posted some Bengali script diagrams in a similar style as the Gurmukhi one posted earlier!


Deaf Indian Muslim Anarchist! said...

Can you also read Tamil and Telugu? I think they look WAY harder than Hindi to read and write! Or maybe I'm just biased since I'm North Indian!

cherukuri raviteja said...

Hello Erin,

These posts are really awesome to see. Actually I have a lot of interest in learning languages and this is the place your blog inspiring me .

My mother tongue is Telugu, I am learning its old form of language as of now. I am learning other different languages with their scripts too but India has too many languages that any one can learn in there life time.

The articles you are posting are really rare to find like palm leaves .

God be always with you in your life journey . Have a great life.