Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The multi-talented Satyajit Ray

A long while back, I added Panther Panchali to my netflix queue, as I had heard of it being the most critically acclaimed film to come out of India. Though I'm still waiting to see it.. I ended up catching The Darjeeling Limited in the meantime, which included music by Satyajit Ray. I was intruged and decided to do a little more digging. Little did I know...

"Satyajit Ray was a man of multiple talents. Not only did he write the screenplays for all his films and score the music for all but his first five films, he was also a prolific, best selling author and a consummate artist." This wonderful website, SatyajitRayWorld.com that takes a detailed look at his life and works.

All of you Bengali type fans should check out his poster work, book jacket designs, and type design (scroll to the middle of the page - some great ones there!) AMAZING!!!