Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hi all! Yet again, I am very slow to post. Luckily, one thing keeping me busy is that I've been getting an application ready to hopefully study type design this fall -- thanks SO MUCH to the friends who have been helping me with that process and encouraging me!

Sadly, the economic slowdown has finally hit the company where I work and I'll now have Fridays off! A blessing in disguise? At least I'll be able to devote more time to this blog! As well as actually starting to design some fonts, gosh darn it! Above, you will see lots of "ka" variations I've made while warming up my calligraphy pen. Feel free to chuckle. :)

I've also just met Pooja Saxena, another young designer hoping to design type someday! On her blog, I was happy to see her rows and rows of "a". I love knowing that there are others getting in touch with their inner scribe. Here's some inspiration - The Last Calligraphers trailer, a film about the staff of The Musalman, the last hand-written newspaper in Urdu. Has anyone seen the final film?! That would be neat to see!


Josh said...

What type design program(s) are you applying to -- presumably Reading or KABK?

Erin said...

Hi Josh! I'm applying to Reading! You too?

Josh said...

I'm applying to Type & Media at the KABK. Good luck, hopefully we'll be there this Fall!

Rarh said...

That looks cool!