Friday, February 13, 2009

Kannada and Malayalam images

Nothing too amazing to report today, but I'm going to try to get in the habit of more frequent posts, even if they are simple like this! Sound good, readers?

I've just added some dark, hastily taken photos of Kannada and Malayalam type and lettering from the few books I've been able to find on the subject during recent library visits. If you click on "all sizes", there are much larger - and hopefully slightly helpful - images. So there you go! :)


paul hunt said...

Can you list book titles for us?

Erin said...

Hey Paul! Gooood idea. I need to get in a better documentation habit. I've collected a ton of stuff that, at the time, I wasn't really intending on posting, and so didn't write down its origins! Lame excuse. I think it's documentation New Year's resolution time for me!


Anyway,The Malayalam images are from:

A progressive grammar of the Malayalam language / L. J. Frohnmeyer. 1982.


And the Kannada images are from these books, but not sure which are from which. :(

Kannada / S.N. Sridhar. 1990.

Kannada; a cultural introduction to the spoken styles of the language, by William McCormack with the assistance of M. G. Krishnamurthi. 1966.

Kannaḍa-English school-dictionary : chiefly based on the labours of Dr. F. Kittel = Kannaḍa mattu Iṅgliṣ śālānighaṇṭu / by J. Bucher. 1923.

Kannada language [by] M. S. Andronov. 1969.