Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gurmukhi typography

Clicking through the script categories on the right, I realized that I have been neglecting Gurmukhi! It seems like it's one of the harder scripts to find online, though. So, here it is! My small Gurmukhi collection! There are some interesting hand-drawn display-type script samples from this Sikh heritage site, attributed to the late Dr. Channan Singh Chan. Two other examples are from here.


John Hudson said...

Dan Reynolds, currently enrolled in the MA in type design programme at the University of Reading (UK), has a couple of nice photos of Gurmukhi signage in Southall, home of the largest Sikh community in the UK. Dan was looking for examples of Indian language newspapers for his thesis; he didn't have much luck, but he saw some nice signs: http://www.typeoff.de/?p=260

Erin M said...

Yes! I have stumbled upon his site, probably through searching for typographic snapshots on flickr -- MA type design group has a great collection!


I'll have to shoot Dan an email one of these days! Thanks again, John!!

Dan said...

No need to shoot me an email. I just stumbled across your website myself!

For more shots of Indic lettering on Flickr, the best resource is probably a new group directed by Paul Hunt, another MATD student this year. Check it out – http://www.flickr.com/groups/indicscripts/pool/

Erin said...

Holy Cow! The whole type family is here!!! ha ha! type family. .. .

Hi Dan! Thank you so much for pointing us towards additional resources and new names! I'll hopefully jump back on the bandwagon and keep adding more things, and also thoroughly check out your work, John's, Paul's, and everyone else in this wacky type world!

:)!! Thanks for your comments!!!!

ਰਮਨਦੀਪ ਸਿੰਘ said...

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