Monday, March 3, 2008

*English/Anglo-Canadian designers' take on Devanagari

I read on Geotypografika that there were a lot of non-latin typefaces chosen as Type Directors Club best type designs of the year. Could it be that maybe there just aren't many non-latin typefaces in existence? (Due to many sad reasons) - And maybe the fact that our economy is going to the shitter - combined with global warming awareness - has helped us to realize that we Americans are not alone on the planet? I don't know. Why am I so bitter today? Anyway, YAY for this typeface, Vodafone Hindi. I hope I can make Erin Hindi sometime soon.

*I erroneously labeled this as a Dutch design! So sorry! As John (one of the designers!) comments below, this was designed by Tiro.

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John Hudson said...

Thanks for the positive response to the Vodafone Hindi typeface. We're glad you like it. However, we're not Dutch. Fiona Ross and Tim Holloway are both English, and I'm Anglo-Canadian. The typeface was commissioned by Dalton Maag, who developed the original Latin, Greek and Cyrillic types for Vodafone; Dalton Maag is a British and Swiss company.